Q: Does the software work on all GM Electronic Control Units (ECU's)?
A: No, the software is developed for the GMPT E15 ECU.

Q: Is the software suitable for every car equipped with a Z22SE (L61) engine?
A: The software works for the VX220/Opel Speedster, Astra G and Zafira equipped with the Z22SE (L61) engine and GMPT E15 ECU.

Q: Can I use ObdTuner with the original ECU firmware?
A: No, to use ObdTuner, first the ECU has to be updated with the ObdTuner firmware.

Q: How much power can I gain by using this software?
A: The power gain is totally depending on the modifications done to the engine, if you did not change anything on the engine, there will very little power gain.

Q: Do I need an expensive interface tool to connect ObdTuner to the car?
A: No, you only need a laptop/PC running Windows and a low cost OBD interface based on an ELM 327.

Q: Will the programmed modifications stay in the ECU?
A: Yes, after executing the "Make permanent" command, all modifications are programmed in flash memory and therefore will stay in the ECU even when the ECU is taken from the car or when the battery is disconnected during the winter season.

Q: Are there hiccups when changing values while driving?
A: No, there will be no hiccups when modifying table values, therefore values can be changed live during a rolling road session or when driving.

Q: Is ObdTuner suitable to be used with a turbo or supercharger?
A: Yes, ObdTuner is fully capable of controlling an engine equipped with a super charger or turbo.

Q: Can the garage overwrite the software when the car is in for service?
A: No the software in the ECU is protected and cannot be removed by the garage.

Q: Is the calibration in the ECU copy protected?
A: No the calibration can be downloaded from the ECU using the supplied PC software and can be freely exchanged with others who are also using ObdTuner.