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need some SOS info on boosted z22se with wiseco

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need some SOS info on boosted z22se with wiseco

PostSun Feb 22, 2015 6:47 pm

hello dear All

i would need some SOS info on this:
- boosted z22se (mine is turbo converted but possibbly it does not matter if yours is SCd)
- wiseco 9.8:1 pistons + eagle conrods

z22se head just cracked apart so bought a whole b207l saab lump. but as budget is unfortunately limited i would just swap the sabb head over to my z22se with the forged internals...but:
-i have about 1.3-1.5 bar boost and z22se as we all know does not cool the piston by sqirting oil under it, so anyone out there using a similar boost on z22se bottom with wiseco+eagle internals whol could provide trustworthy info on how reliable this setup is? will the lack of piston cooling put such heat stress on the wiseco with this amount of boost so eg pistons would dilate so much they would stuck or would lead to exstensive wear thus pretty much they would die or kill some other part in say next few K kilometers/miles?

so make it simple: anyone using this kinda specs and for how long? any issues in meantime?

thanks ahead
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Re: need some SOS info on boosted z22se with wiseco

PostSat May 16, 2015 12:09 pm

I know there are people using the Z22SE engine up to 400hp without piston cooling. As far a I know they do not have any problems. One of them is even using it for racing so the available power is really used.
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