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looking for owners running high power turbo charged z22se

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Re: looking for owners running high power turbo charged z22s

PostMon Dec 12, 2016 11:41 am

Hannes wrote:at the dyno with 1,23bar:
390ps 2014-03-26 19.12.04.jpg

Hello Hannes,

My car is now in a "run-in" phase as needed to swap internals...this time got big exhaust, big intake, head ported etc and a gt2871r turbo as well. i do not yet have it fully mapped, only to put some miles in it before doing the mapping.

so just wonder if with your power levels do you see any issues at 1.23 bar or 1.63 bar boost? eg engine issues, gearbox, driveshaft issues ? basically trying to find the weak spots before breaking anything..

thanks in advance

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