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What con rod and main bearings best for boosted power z22se?

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What con rod and main bearings best for boosted power z22se?

PostFri Oct 21, 2016 4:03 pm

Hello Everyone,

I just wonder what bearings you guys on high powered forced induction z22se/saab b207 you use?

And whether anyone has the specs for the load capacities/fatigue strength (max PSI) the bearing can cope with for the OEM and other performance bearing manufacturers?

I could only find load capacity listings for King Racing and for our z22se/b207 they have only the SI line (8000 PSI) and the XP line (10200PSI)

I think the 8000 PSI is a tad bit low for forced induction with eg 1-1.5bar boost. Though it is kinda reassuring their tests showed that their bi-metal bearings did not seize even with insufficient lubrication at 13000 PSI. I am no physicist so might be wrong but if we use 1 bar of boost then it creates pressures in the range of 10000 PSI that the con rod bearing should cope with.

Here is the link for the King Racing stuff i found: ... Lagers.pdf

So interested if anyone have some bearing specs and/or what experience you have with bearings of various brands.


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