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would need some help on sourcing some parts

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would need some help on sourcing some parts

PostSun Jan 22, 2017 3:58 pm

Hello dear All!

i wonder if anyone can help me with sourcing these parts, specially from the continent as shipping some of them from UK is more complicated or the light beam is in the wrong angle.:

- left side (so driver side by our ways) front and rear upper and lower wishbones
- rear subframe
- left headlight unit (also for LHD car)

I had a very unfortunate contac with the motorway railings so the left side of the clams got crack all along plus both suspensions bent, and on top of that the fixture that holds the rear lower wishbone and the toe rod (or whatever its called) on the subframe also bent. So either i need to get these parts for an affordable price or I can think of selling the car as is or in parts with a pretty unique 2.2 turbo version with even more unique tubular manifold that allows to place the turbo by the engine. Hannes posted here some power measures with his 2.2 with a gt2871r turbo (which i also happen to have) and it was pretty impressive 390hp and 460nm at 1.2 bar boost and i can confirm it is indeed that way. Due to unfinished mappings i had the boost cut at 0.6 bar and the acceleration was already immense...better than with any dbilas stuff i had before...and then while collecting logs and had driven for about 1 hour already, sh.t happened, possibly some ice on a sliplane where i started to pick up speed from 60, 80kmph in 3rd and next thing i knew i was stopped by the railings.

I am in a great predicament, poured too much time, effort, money to get this beast ready and in the last phase if i cannot get the parts no choice but try to sell as parts. however, if i could get the stuff, specially the subframe from the closer-to-Hungary-the-better place, i might be able to get her repaired.

some pix of final phase fitting the big exhaust:


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